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TWD Not saving, Episodes not loading

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Hi there,

First of all, congrats on VGA's game of the year. I think you guys really deserved it.

I am having an issue with The Walking Dead. I play on my imac. I have played through Episode 4 and was ready to hunker down and play the final Chapter when I noticed my save file read "Episode 3". I was pretty annoyed, but figured it was a glitch and I will just have to finish episode 3 again, and play episode 4 again. However, when i click continue, the game prompts me and asks if I would like to rewind, as if there is already saved data in place. I tried selecting episode 4 and 5 and the game tells me random choices will be made, as if there is NO saved data.

BUT the major problem is this... When I do select and load up episode 3, agreeing to rewind, the game doesnt actually load! The screen just goes black. I cant hit esc, I cant do anything. I have to click outside of TWD window and close it down.

Please help.

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