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TWD : Cant switch accounts!!!

posted by kennyco on - last edited - Viewed by 234 users

Hello Everyone

i bought TWD for pc (preorder, no steam) and logged in with it, no problem, my brother logged me out and logged in with a telltale account with NO TWD LICENSE!! now i cant log back in with my account and cant play!!


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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Try this:

    @Mike said: Can you try holding the space bar down prior to launching the game, please? That will clear your login settings. Once that's done, make sure you're logging in with the same account that you use to login on our site.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    There's no way to log out of the game once you've logged in. The only way to change logins is to move/delete your prefs (which can be done manually or by holding the spacebar when launching the game) or to delete your login registry key. Have you done either of these things?

    If you are referring to the website, you do not need to be logged in to the website to play the game. If you pre-ordered the game and are just now installing it, but are logged into your brothers account, then you can logout by hovering over the Gear symbol at the top right of the page and selecting 'logout'. Now log into your account and you should find the installation file listed on the 'Your Games' tab.

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