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This is serious: Max face image illegaly used in snack promotion?

posted by gamekill on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users

I am a huge fan of the Sam & Max games. Ever since Hit the Road (not from telltale games but still).

And this is worrying me: I opened up a pack of snacks here in Brazil, only to find some promotional stickers inside, and guess what, one of them is an exact copy of Max, but there's no mention of Sam & Max licensing anywhere! It only says "by faustin bros". This can be found inside Elma Chips snacks (an international brand).

I want to know if this is licensed or not. Because I get pretty pissed off by scam and people that take advantage of other people's ideas and creativity. And if this is not authorized by whoever holds the rights of the Max figure, I will be even more ashamed of being a Brazilian citizen than I already am...


I myself have a starting, indie game development studio, and I know how much a stolen idea or character is bad.

Well, that's it. Just to let you know. Keep releasing good stuff!


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