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Issues with Poker Night at the Inventory.

posted by MrSh1k1 on - Viewed by 217 users

Howdy ho, everyone. First post and all that crap. Here to report a couple of minor issues I found with PNatI.

[list][*]Game details:[list][*]Game: Poker Night at the Inventory[*]Acquisition method: Steam purchase[*]Purchase date: 2011/12/11[*]Binary details:[list][*]Listed file version: 2010.12.3.50720[*]Listed product version:[*]File size: 5.78MB[*]MD5 Checksum: 2db8fbeca25f78de7d632ca9fbd5b362[/list][/list][*]Rig details:[list][*]OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit[*]Relevant hardware (Acer Aspire AS7739G-6676):[list][*]Processor: Intel i5-480M @ 2.66GHz[*]RAM: 4GB DDR3 PC3-10700 667MHz[*]Video: Dedicated 1GB nVidia GeForce GT 610M[*]Drive: SATA 5400rpm 500GB HDD[/list][/list][*]Issues with the game:[list][*]Game doesn't "fully" install "correctly": Every time I run the game through the Steam interface, I get a window saying it's installing the Microsoft VC Redistributable Package (claiming to be "step 1 of 1"). Though this doesn't quite have any influence in running the game (it runs perfectly smoothly every time), it does reek of unresolved loose ends.[*]Subtitles do not disappear after a character is done talking immediately after finishing a hand: Although this is mostly nitpicking, if subtitles are turned on, any character that speaks a long line (that has to be split into two different blocks, shown one after the other) right after the hand is finished will get their text stuck on the screen until the next time someone speaks. It's not something game-breaking, but it is mildly annoying. The first example that comes to mind is this particular bit of The Heavy's: "I promise, if you fight me, it will not last long. I kill quick, but not | cleanly. I'm sorry." Normally, the line is split at the bar (|) character. If he says this right after the end of the hand, the part after the split will get stuck onscreen until someone speaks again. Update: I've just confirmed it also happens sometimes with short lines, as proven here and here.[*]One of Max's subtitles has a grammatical/spelling error: One of Max's lines goes "[...] I didn't even have to bear my hideous and unnaturally serrated teeth." In this context, you don't "bear" teeth, you "bare" them. =p[/list][/list]

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