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Episode 202 kills my computer

posted by shesek on - last edited - Viewed by 123 users

Every time I try to run episode 202 the game freezes after about 2 minutes of gameplay, requiring a reboot. This wasn't an issue with the previous episodes I've played.

I've tried updating direct3D and my video card (ATI Radeon 9600) drivers; afterwards I couldn't run the game at all (I got the "could not initialize Direct3D" error message). I've reinstalled an older version of the video card drivers and now the game runs, but still freezes after a couple of minutes.

I've also tried lowering the resolution and the graphics quality, and changing the quality settings of my video card.

Any ideas?

Also, if I won't be able to run the game on my computer, is there an option to activate it again on a different computer?


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  • That's a new one on me. It could be an issue with the installation, have you tried re-installing the game? Also you should be able to install it on a different computer, but if you have any problems with activating it, just email support and we will get you set up. Tell 'em I sent you.

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