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RCT3 Players and IT Users come here please - Help?

posted by Zeek on - last edited - Viewed by 197 users

I don't know how many people actually still play RCT3, but I need some help with a technical problem with that game and I thought I'd pick the brain of the smart ones here at TTG. You know, never hurts to ask around.

I left a message on a RCT3 fireworks board trying to figure out why my game crashes when I'm using the record feature to film my fireworks show.

Just so you know, when you do this, the game runs at 1 frame a minute so that it can process and capture the image into a WMV file that is at the resolution you set your game at. Also, the fireworks animation used in the game is a particle system. Not sure if TT uses a particle system, but again, you never know.

It's been suggested that I may have a corrupt file, so I checked each and ever individual firework file. While some bring my system to a griding hault because of how many particles are on the screen at one time, all of them pass just fine. With the recording feature on, this poses no issue. The 1 frame-a-minute rate of recording allows the game more time to "think" and process the next frame.

Now, you would think that this would be a fool-proof thing. You can have the most complicated particle animation on screen and still be able to record it. The strange thing is, it's not working for me. The game crashes halfway through the recording.

Any of you smart people got an "out-of-the-box" idea as to what the problem may be? Again, I'm just throwing it out there to get some answers. A wider net catches more fish, you know!

EDIT: Ran the problem by the people that make the game, and they said that I need to update my divers? *rolls eyes* I've made fireworks shows on my current drivers in the past before with no problems, so I know now they don't know what their talking about.

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    Since RCT3 uses WMV, I'll check for any "Windows Media Player Runtime" updates.
    Maybe one of those changed a dll and now RCT3 is not working properly because a call to a WMV dll used by the game is not working like the old version.

    I'll fire up RCT3 and try to record one of my lousy fireworks shows (I plainly suck at that ;))

    Edit: Same thing here. Recording anything causes the game to drag...

  • Game lag during recording is suppose to happen. My problem is that the game crashes while I'm trying to record an elaborate 14 minute fireworks show.

    The fireworks community that taught me how to do this said I'll have to film it in parts since I had most of their mods check out my file and they don't know what the problem is.

  • I so wish there would be a OpenRCT -project to create a open source version of RCT with all sorts of cool features, much like OpenTTD.

    I spent tons and tons of time on a park in RCT3 but only managed to create some 1/4th of it. I prefer the older RCTs over it.

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