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Zombie Apocalypse (Who will you be)

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So my friend and I were joking about a zombie apocalypse tomorrow and what type of person we'd be based on the characters in this game, and also who our other friends would be.

Turns out I'm "Mark". I'll seem useful and try to help out anyway I can, but my trusting nature will get me killed when we run into another group of survivors. My friend was the "Duck" character who goofs around a lot which annoys a lot of us in this tense situation, who then because of our group's "Ben" who is a clumsy fool who usually does more harm then good, gets him bit.

So out of your main group of friends, what character role applies to you the most?

Edit: Gender doesn't matter, it's more about what the character does in the game and their personality.

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  • I'd imagine that I'd be like Mark or Doug. Trusting, friendly, and loyal although naive and would likely die quite fast.

    I know this a little bit off-topic (sorry!) but I've recently been having fantasies about The Walking Dead too. I've been having these back-to-back dreams (I love those dreams) where the setting is a sequel to another Telltale-esque The Walking Dead game. The playable character wasn't actually me and I got to make decisions similar to the Telltale game. I was, however, a NPC who's role is to be somewhat like a leader. My character really believed in the preservation of humanity and the goodness of others. This would later lead my character to making naive decisions, e.g. I tried to communicate with a group of bandits which would lead us to losing our camp and two of our group members. I was seen as a weak and naive leader by most other characters but was also nice and loyal. Later in the game you get to chose who would lead the group. The other character, whom our group met later, was Cam, he's a dick but is considered a stronger leader due to his belief that survival is more important than humanity. You get to chose who you want to back up leading to a meat locker-esque decision where another group member, Taylor (her along with another character were our resident farmers of sorts), gets trapped in a house with a lot of walkers surrounding it. You could either back up Cam who believes saving her would result in more casualties and that she'd want us to leave her, or me who wanted to save her for we'd be no better then those monsters if we left her. My character gets left behind following a walker raid on our main base regardless, though.

    I honestly really love those kinds of dreams / having conversations about zombie apocalypse. Such a cool genre!

  • Damn you got a good memory haha. I had a zombie dream literally last night and all I remember about it was I had an axe from my shed and could barely hit and kill a zombie head with it.

  • i would be Ben/Doug, basically an older Ben with some of Doug's practical nerd skills, i would need someone like Lee, Kenny or lilly to keep me alive long term (zombie killing will probably be my weak area), but i can fix things and i know random trivia and "interesting" facts i can tell people and i would find stickers for Clementine :)

  • Omid, maybe. Not helpless, but not an amazing fighter, and not naive but willing to be trustful a little more than is wise. Plus I'd still have some hope for the future, and I can occasionally crack a good joke.

  • Probably a Mike. Trusting and seemingly nice guy who'd die quickly.

    Maybe a Ben. I think that's why I like Ben actually, he pretty much is exactly how I imagine 90% of people would be in a Zombie Apocalypse, probably myself included. Well-meaning but scared to shit and completely useless.

    Minus the Looney Tunes-esque removal of the axe blocking the door antics, of course.

  • I think I'd be Glenn. Kind spirited, trusting, always wanting to do more to help others, willing to go out of his way to save strangers and lay his life on the line to find and protect his friends. Though i would probably die in the process very quickly.

  • I think id be Kenny. I would do anything to protect my family.

  • Doug/Larry. Pretty good with computers, but also has minor anger management issues.

  • Molly, light on the parkour.

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