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360 retail disc problems!

posted by Vndin on - last edited - Viewed by 213 users

Hey guys, Ive emailed a couple of times already and gotten no answers or for that matter anything other than a cut and paste email back. I was looking forward to this game for quite some time and after purchasing it at a local Game Stop location here in Cincinnati I took the game home and popped in the disc. The game is lagging and the graphics glitch and jump during game play to the point that the game is UNPLAYABLE!

I am running a first generation 360 arcade system that is not hooked up to xbox live and was wondering if there is a fix coming for those of us who are having this problem??

Game Stop will not allow me to return the game because its "knowingly defective " and they dont trade in bad games... (complete B.S. I might add since the game is brand new and was purchased at their store... sell me a bad game and you should take it back.)
Looks like instead of a great game play experience with purchase I simply over paid for a plastic coaster w/ a walking dead logo on it...

Not pleased, not at all.

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  • I too have the XBox retail version of the game, bought the Collector's Edition in fact. Game is suffering from really bad framerate, lag, and stuttering. The action sequences, like in the kitchen with the babysitter, at the farm trying to save Shawn or Duck, and killing the zombie by the RV with the ice pick are so stuttering and slow that it is unplayable! Even though I am mashing the buttons over and over, it says that I made no choice and I die! My husband and I really frustrated, angry, and disappointed.

    We have the 4 GB black XBox 360. We downloaded the Title Update for the game, but still having all of these issues. We cannot find a way to install the game from the disc to the hard drive.

  • Can you guys actually say something about the glitches.this is bullshit.or are you just going to cower and hide forever?

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