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"Sorry, this account is not authorized to access this game" (TOMI)

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I am using a windows 8 computer and an administrator account. Aside from the out-of-the-box guest account, there are no other accounts on this machine, as I am the only person using it at any time. The administrator account has no parental controls restricting it, and it is impossible to activate parental controls on administrator accounts due to their nature. However, I am nevertheless receiving this error message, which pertains to parental controls having fault with the content level of a game: "Sorry, this account is not authorized to access this game" and when I click OK: "The application failed to initialize."

I have tried making a new account and turning the parental controls on said account off, and, albeit no surprise, the same message appears. Apparently it has affected quite a number of people using Windows 7, and very few of them on forums I searched were able to resolve it, or at least failed to report on it. As other users report, episodes 1 and 2 work without a hitch, but beyond that this message appears.

Here is a previous thread detailing the problem:

There are others that generally orbit around the same conclusion, i.e., parental controls being the culprit, administrator privileges being a solution, etc. One user admits having removed the core functionality of parental controls from his computer, which seems to have been the problem in his case.

I have the administrator account.
It is immune to parental restrictions.
I am using a relatively new computer that I have not modded in any way.

Yet, I still receive this error message on startup. I will also be filing a support ticket with telltale via their email, so I will keep you guys posted on anything they have to say. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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