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The walking dead game can't download episodes 2-5

posted by Thewalkingdead1290 on - last edited - Viewed by 950 users

I just finished the walking dead game episode 1 and it was a very good game. I just bought the multipack icon in the top part of the episodes page and now I try to play it or download it, but it says "coming soon". I was very confused and I went to the App Store and my account was deducted 15 dollars and I'm pretty sure that the episodes 2-5 have already came out so I'm like wtf where is the fucking download button. I don't know if this is a bug or something but it took the 15 bucks and the episodes still say "coming soon". This is bullshit. I want to delete the app and reinstall it but then I would have to rebuy the episodes 2-5 and ill lose all my data on episode 1 too so I don't know what to to. I do not want a refund because I know u wont so fix the god damn bug or if there is a way to fix it or something please answer back.

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