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The Walking Dead in New Zealand

posted by Miss Soph on - last edited - Viewed by 122 users

I was just wondering when or if this game it going to be brought into New Zealand on Xbox even if just on disc so we can purchase it without Australia having to get it. We have an R18 rating, we also got Mortal Kombat and both Left for Dead games uncensored we can freely say shit on the radio and tv and noone really gives a crap. I'm just struggling to understand why we are being put into the same boat with another country with completly seperate rules?? From what i have heard this is a phenomenal game and i love the TV series but even as a 24 year old cannot get access to it unless i want to get it sent from overseas. If anyone knows if they are even considering releasing here could you please let me know because so many people here are really angry about not even being considered as our own country.


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  • Way back in April, when the game came out, they said that it was a very big financial risk for them to release the game only in New Zealand. But now that Australia is on the way to a full R18 rating, maybe they'll reconsider.

  • I think thats crap. Everybody i know wants to play this game but cant. Its called by many the game of the year, hardly anyone even knows about the back to the future game but we have that here. Im afraid not realeasing it year may be counterproductive as many people will just download it illeagally, the longer they leave it the less people will buy it.

  • Yea im in full agreement with that, there is a huge gaming community within new zealand and everyone wants to play it, i could get it on steam but i am trying to support xbox too its just bullshit, sending over a crate of disc sets now they have released it on that would not cost them too much and everyone i know would not mind paying a little extra for it

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