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Hypothetical Situations for Season Two?

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One of the more prominent features of Telltale's The Walking Dead is the difficult situations that Lee finds himself in and the choices he makes, especially since each choice is justifiable. Sometimes even the less humane choice appears to be the best, perhaps only, option given.

With another season planned for The Walking Dead, I was wondering what new scenarios the Telltale crew will bring forward for our new protagonist(s). Perhaps variants of a previous ones with Lee, or maybe new ones exclusive to the new season?

What do you feel would make for a difficult situation (with choices) in the upcoming season?

Since the setting for the new season is unknown outside of development, it is preferable to be vague with who and how the situation occur.

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  • Active decisions
    Commonly, the player had to make hard decisions while everyone was idle/in trouble. testing how the player reacts to a decision made against active members would be much more of a trip.

    Example: Your controlled protagonist, a friend, and three others are running from a horde of walkers. Your friend notes that the Walkers are gaining, and that they won't make it unless they have a distraction. Would the player be willing to incapacitate a living member of the group to save the rest? (To make matters worse, if the player chooses not to do it, the friend will incapacitate one of the others at random)

    Action isn't really the game's strong suit, but resource management, and the tough decisions related, could be.

    Example: For some reason, the protagonist (and maybe a party of people) need to go on splitting routes with another party. The path the other party is taking is known to have walkers in it (Not infested, just some). The protagonist's path, completely unknown. The protagonist has two guns, three clips of ammo, and two melee weapons. Which parties get which items? (Your decision will likely cause the death of someone in the party with less equipment, maybe even two. The survivors will know that the protagonist was the one divvying up the resources.)

    Throughout TWD, everyone Lee met was amiable (besides St Johns). It'd be nice to see a choice of actually adding members of the team.

    Example: The protagonist alongside his/her own party has managed to find a working car. During their travels, they encounter another group with a working vehicle, an ambulance to be more exact (well-stocked, too). The problem: they don't like a member of your group and request their departure/death (or they have group member who currently has an "undiagnosable illness"). Do you join them or continue on?

    Just some things I'd like to see.

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