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OK here are the rules I wrote a starter for the story you guys have to continue with it. You can't kill the protagonist until i say so, but the antagonists. are fair game.One post per user maximum 3 paragraphs. The story must not conflict with previous entries and try to be creative. Use of dialogue, descriptive writing and scenery would help.

An unacomplished Macon born 21 year old man was sitting in a sofa watching the television, he was watching the news where an attractive young reporter named carley walters was covering the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon. “Hello Georgia, Carley Walters here, reporting the international cherry blossom event, the people are still devastated after the murder of the town’s mayor, hopefully this could lighten up the mood of the town.” It was the biggest event besides the national events like Christmas, New years and such. People of every culture and race would come out to the event. All the festival foods used cherries. As everyone were laughing and having a wonderful time, a man pale and boney came out from an alley way he looked like he was mauled by a bear or some wild beast. The man dragged his right leg that looked severely mangled even seeing parts of bone.

The pale man grabbed a little girl and bit her, she screamed and screamed in the middle of town everyone turned their heads and saw terror in their eyes as they watched this girl being mauled upon by a pale disfigured man. One of the town’s folk rushed to the aid of the little girl, the town person was a man in his early 50’s with dark grey hair, and he was built like a shithouse. He grabbed the pale man and smashed his head against the wall. The pale man was still and silent for a brief moment, as the old man was attending to the girl, the pale man bit the old man on his arm, the old man grabbed the pale man and threw him to the ground, he repeatedly stomped on the pale man until his head was smashed as if someone grabbed a salt lick and crushed his head with it. The old man called 911 and applied pressure to the girls wound. As the Paramedics came and drove the girl to the hospital, the old man returned home to his son “Jeremy” and wife “Sandra”

His wife greeted him at the front door “What the hell happened to your arm George?” She shouted “Jeremy! Get off your lazy ass and go get the first aid kit.” The boy rushed to the kitchen cabinet and took out the first aide and opened the box to get some bandages, he was skilled and quick using the first aid kit. He was going to be a doctor, but he was unmotivated and instead of study for the S.A.T.s, he played video games he was a massive fan of the Battlefield of Duty: Counter strike. He was bullied at school and therefore he became introvert, unsocial and always felt awkward during conversations with people outside his family due to the low self-esteem. He constantly reflects on how he has failed his family.

Meanwhile in the medical center of Macon, the little girl dies from blood loss, the doctors fill out the time of death and so on. As the little girl is being moved into the morgue the girl opens her eyes and gives out a faint moan and quickly rises up, grabs the nurse and sinks her teeth into her. The nurse pushes her off and makes a run for it. The girl starts a massive outbreak of the infection of the hospital.

The news report a deadly virus infecting people and causing them to have a sudden need to eat living human flesh, they warn the viewers to stay inside and lock their homes as the police are trying to stop the infection. George and Jeremy and Sandra watch the new report in fear, they start locking and barricading their doors and windows. George suddenly collapses in the middle of nailing a piece of wood unto the window. Jeremy and Merlyn quickly step in and try to perform CPR, but it was no use.

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