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My game won't even start!

posted by Skittys on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

Here's the rundown. I'll give it to you the same way I gave it to steam support:

Hey so I downloaded the walking dead game and the game installed just fine. When I first started it, it did all of the installing stuff for the first run and then started. Shortly after that (I mean literally I didn't even get a menu) the game crashed. I've done all of the things that the support site suggested but all it does now is:
I click on the game
Box around my name goes green (like I'm in game)
The game says "Syncing" (in the library)
Box around my name goes blue

I went through all of the steps that steam gave me and the last resort was to contact....well telltale. So admins can I just have a refund? I want the game and if you refund me I'll just buy it on xbox!

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