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Problem with Episode 3

posted by Darren01 on - last edited - Viewed by 102 users

Hi guys, I have kind of a weird problem. Today I ended with Episode 3 in the moment, when I succesfully made the train work. Then I turned off the game and about two hours after that I wanted to finish the rest of the episode, but then it said if I want to skip the Episode 2. So I thought that the game didnt save the content from E. 3 and I tried to start E. 2. Then it said that it will remove my progress from E. 3 and if I still want to rewind E. 2. I was a little bit confused about that. I checked the save folder and I found out that the saves from E. 3 are there. I dont want to play E. 2 again and also I dont wanna my decisions being generated. Any ideas ? Thx for help.

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