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They should've allowed the player to keep the dead bodies!

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To bury them under the ground, or somewhere else than just leave them on the street/forest.

It was sad to see Carley, Katjaa and Duck all go, but even more saddening was that they were left there for the walkers to eat them, that didn't feel right.

If I had the ability to, I would've carried Carley to dig her a grave so she wouldn't be eaten by the damn walkers or some fucked up necrophilia bastard out there.

Kenny just left Katjaa and Duck out there as if they didn't matter to him, that was odd of him, because he loved both of them.

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  • Well, it would simply be too dangerous. Carley/Katjaa/Duck(potentially) all died by a gunshot, and that would bring any nearby walkers swarming to that location. Taking the time for a burial would have put everyone in danger and probably get everyone killed.

    Carrying their corpses to a different location would probably be frowned upon and in Kenny's case outright refused, because he couldn't handle having their corpses just lying about near him, and you'd need to go a decent distance to be far enough away from the walkers(even then, there's still the chance that they'll roam in your general direction and find you again).

  • Whatever, just give them some decent place to say goodbye to their body.
    Larry was paranoida bout turning and stuff. Don't think you could actually turn. Look at Irene (girl in motel), Katjaa, etc.

    Yeah, burial isn't that realistic. But at least carry their body or something. Larry won't allow it, but im sure the group will. "Where is your humanity?"" Haha. Shut up Phil, i dont wanna hear that shes being eaten by some zombie basterds.

    If i could do that, I don't know what I'd do. Probably say my last goodbyes, keep her for a while then throw her at some church.

  • "There was no time for a burial." -Lee

  • Being able to bury at least ONE member of the group would have been nice. It really sucks to think of them just rotting away out in the woods, on the side of the road, or in some dark room.

  • I think being able to bury Fivel was symbolic in this regard. There was no time to give anyone in the group who had died a proper burial, so being able to do this for a stranger's child is a way to honor those that have died in a small way.

  • ^agreed. There's just no time for the others.

  • Lee should have been able to stick them in his magical back pocket.

  • Forget about Fivel man. Kenny was my bro, so I wish I could've buried him instead of leaving him in that dark room all alone. Just saying, at least ONE member of the group getting a nice burial would have been enough.

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