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The Pitch

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Okay, I kind of had this idea.

Lately I've been creative a lot, and came up with a great amount of ideas. However, because of that I don't know where to start, or if my ideas are good enough for a big audience. In fact, I'm not the only one. There are a lot of aspiring authors, animators, movie makers and game developers who have a good idea, but just don't know how well it might get received.

As the Telltale Games board has a very diverse group, this would be a great place to show your ideas, may it be for books, films, games or any other thing you can imagine.

Remember though, try to keep it serious. Even though we can have a little fun here and there, this thread is mainly for serious discussions and criticism.

Now, how would this work? Basically a person will come here and post a pitch, either for one idea or more. It is up to you to give criticism, or give suggestions, either on how to make the ideas work or otherwise. The pitcher might also have some requests themselves, so be sure to answer accordingly. You can still discuss the ideas as well, but it's also good to let them know what your answers are to his or her questions.

This is only for pitching an idea, not to recruit or get help. The best way to get into a project is to poll to what degree something might work or might have an audience.

Also, remember, don't be critical about your idea. If you aren't certain of your idea but still want people's opinion, post the idea as confident as possible. It's still up to others to judge your idea. You don't have to state why the idea might not be good enough or hard to do.

You can make your pitch as long as possible, but remember, the best pitches aren't very long. Also, it's up to you how you format your pitches, so try to make it as clear as possible.

Finally, don't do plagiarism. Even though you obviously can, it's a really big dick move, and you won't get any friends with this. Assuming this thread will live for a long time, we do have evidence that you took an idea from this thread. It might even fall under copyright.

Anyway, let's begin!

Subject: Three game pitches
Medium: Video Game
Special request: I'd like to get the opinions of people on which game I should actually work on.


I have three ideas for a game, and I would like to know which of the three games I should work on, as I don't have the time to work on all three. I am planning on using RPG Maker VX Ace to make the game, with heavy scripting used to make the game as unique as possible. The ideas are as followed:


Order of Zendael
Five warriors go out on an adventure to save a palladin, the girlfriend of Jules who also happens to be the princess of the mountain city Zendael. Traveling on the floating city Order, they'll try to track down the captivator, but will they manage to find her?

The game is mainly set on the floating city Order. This is the place where you can quick-travel, and sometimes you can only get to certain places only by Order. It's one of the few places where you can accept quests.

Fighting will either be done using a regular side view battle, using a real time battle system, which plays like an early Final Fantasy game, or as an action RPG, like Secret of Mana. Each character will have unique classes they can switch between, as well as a set of subclasses. All classes have their own levels, and you don't level up the main character themselves. There might also be a system to reset the levels of a class, in return for a small stat bonus.

There might also be a crafting system.

Setting and characters
The story takes place in a fantasy world, where everything is a bit of a hommage to fantasy adventures and RPGs. You'll follow the adventures of Jules, a knight and soon-to-be palladin, another knight called Clayth who mainly uses lances, the elven priestess Aurelia, the skillful archer Parker, and the giant Bohr, a fierce warrior. Along their way they meet new characters, like the unfortunate thief Marius, the bard Garfield and the samurai Atlus.


Miss Eldritch
An average girl goes to an average school, where she befriends average kids who happen to be eldritch abominations. Lucky for most of them, Erin L. Ditrich happens to have a thing for them. But what happens when a handsome regular human arrives? And who is that nerdy girl spying on her?

This game will feature a time system, where you can wander around the school in real-time. Since this is a special school, there are no mandatory lessons, only exams on set times.

You can follow lessons on set times, which will train certain skills. These skills are required for both passing exams as well as romancing. You will also get learning opportunities, for example, by beating tutors in "combat".

The combat system uses a special set of commands. You can either use light, neutral or dark moves, which affect certain relationships. Light moves use a knowledge base. Neutral moves have random effects, where it can both affect the opponent as well as yourself. Dark moves are special kinds of moves. They are associated with cheating, and if you get caught, there will be penalties, both during battle as well as outside of combat. In fact, getting caught during an exam can result in either detention or even expulsion.

At the end of each battle you will get rated from A+ to F. This will affect the way you level, but also affects your grades during exams. It is important that you get high enough grades to be able to stay at school, and to eventually graduate.

Setting and characters
The story takes place mostly at a special high school. There are no set classes, so you'll have to pick on what class you would focus. However, not every class is given at any time, they are only given at set times.

You mainly play as Erin L. Ditrich, a quirky girl who has a fascination for eldritch abominations.


Eldritch Fairytales
When on a stormy night a woman enters a bookstore, Edgar's life is turned upside down. Not only does he have to save the world against Cthulhu and other dark forces, he also has to save the world from cynicism. Joined by Little Red Riding Hood, the huntsman and Rose the Red, he's out to make the world optimistic again.

This game plays out partially like an adventure game, with investigations and item combining, and partially as an RPG. There are no random encounters, instead you will have to engage enemies before a battle commences, although the enemy might chase you if you are in sight.

Each playable character has a unique way of battling. For example, Edgar can use words to manipulate the battle, while the huntsman relies on pure combat.

Setting and characters
The setting is a modern world, and cities will have regular NPCs walking around, minding their business. Those mostly aren't plot essential, but are there to give the game a bit more atmosphere.

The main protagonist is Edgar, a young bookstore owner and amateur writer. Though shy in real life, he's famous over the internet for his amazing stories, all of which he released under public domain. It is why Little Red Riding Hood has an interest in him.

Little Red Riding Hood, who assumed the name Diana, had a traumatic youth. When arriving at grandmother's house, she found her grandmother dead and bloodied next to the bed, where the big bad wolf was strapped in veins, begging for help. When she fled, she fell into a portal which sent her to an ever-growing library containing all free information in the world, where she was trapped in for ten years.

The huntsman, who goes by the alias John T. Hunter, saw Snow White getting killed by an unknown being. When reporting back to the queen, she initially refused to believe him due to the lack of a heart, so she turned to the magic mirror, which confirmed what the huntsman said, and more. What she saw turned her mad, and the huntsman could do nothing but flee, to save himself from a similar fate. Now he's bent on destroying that thing that's been killing everybody or turning everybody insane.

Rose the Red lost her sister White Lily to the vampire Carmilla, who narrowly escaped death by an angry mob. Now she not only has to find her sister, she also has to kill her.

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