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[TWD]Can`t start EP 2 - hangs up !

posted by czullo on - last edited - Viewed by 240 users

Hello im verry angry that after i purchase episode 2 i cant play it. After i select "Play" button on the EP 2 start screen i get gang up... whats going on, i but the game i cant play it. Are you serious TellTale games ? dont you have some kind of betatesters or QA ? thats madness, do you have some ETA for fixing that bug ? Please answer me.

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  • The same thing happened to me. I had finished Episode 1 on Saturday night, and exited after watching the preview for the next episode.

    When I went to start Episode 2 last night, it was very strange... I selected that episode, but it gave me the recap from Ep. 4 and started into Ep. 5. So I exited, selected Ep. 2 again, and it hung on a black screen with a small vertical line on the left side of the screen - it looks like it has something to do with the inventory. There's some ambient sound playing, but I can't do anything, including pause. The only way out is to exit to the Xbox Dashboard.

    I deleted Ep. 2 and downloaded again - same thing. So I've started a new game, back with Ep. 1, but didn't get a chance to complete it. I'm hoping starting over will help, but I'm sorely disappointed in how my experience has started.

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