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Save Files For Download.....Please

posted by ewr.703 on - Viewed by 124 users

Hi Guys,

First post since joining. Sad to see that most of my fellow gamers are having such issues with the save files. I finally bought the game during the Steam Sale and was happy because of all the hype around it. Well I was burned quite a few times regarding the save situation.

To say the least I searched the boards and tried every "proposed" trick, and had to endure playing through episode 2 twice, which was the worst episode for me. I went through the game after being burned and just kept the computer on and did not quit Steam/Game.

Well I lived life to crazy and turned off the pc before I started episode 5. Well to my expectations I am back to episode 1. I beat the game with random story line but that really tore apart the experience for me. People were saying things around me that were completely opposite of what I choose in the long run.

Well irregardless of this mess and everyone else's, I tried searching for peoples save files and only found very little to go on. I am not going to play through the game again. I feel the lack of polish the game has, the poor feedback the developer has given to this issue tells me they dont give a damn and that we are all stuck.

So I would like to see if anyone has a thread going that I have missed or one could be started for people to grabs the save files and pref.props file. Kind of like what the Mass Effect community did as some people had corrupted files or deleted their old saves and did not want to go through the entire game again.

Thanks for listening even though I am sure most if not all of what I said has been repeated in the boards, I just have not found what I was looking for yet.

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