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Going from digital to retail copy question

posted by Kenshin-dono on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users

Hmm im wondering if this will cause problems. I played the first 2 chapters of the digital version for the PS3. (had the first 2 chapters free from PS+) I liked the game so i bought a retail disc copy. I want to start playing that now but am not sure if it will cause any problems. Can i just put the disc in and start playing off my old save? Are the saves even compatible? Do i have to delete the digital version off the HD?

Anyone done this/know how this works? I hear this games kinda buggy and dont want to risk getting a corrupted save file, but i also dont want to start over

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    _BrYan_ Telltale Staff

    I asked around and talked to Matt, and here's what he said:

    No, the digital version and retail version are compatible, so no problems should arise from having both

    Yes, the retail disc version will recognize and play your old save

    Yes, the saves are compatible

    No, you do not need to delete the digital version, but doing so will also not hurt you in anyway

    The only issue one might incur is with having PS+ and letting his membership lapse. Doing so will render his unlock key invalid, so the digital version will no longer be recognized. This should not affect his ability to play the disc.

  • Keep in mind that those "free" PS Plus games work while the account is active, though, when it expires, the games tend to turn pretty much useless to the point of locking itself (demanding to renew the subscription).

    Owning the disc version will automatically put those limited-time-free games away for good.

  • thanks guys. So basically i can use the old save file without any problems at all. Just put the disc in and load up my old save and i'll be good to go. Correct?

    Even if PS+ expires, that shouldn't effect my SAVE file at all right? That was my concern, that the save file is locked to the PS+ d.load version. But if i understand Bryan right the save should work for anything, correct?

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