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Could Adam be Season’s 2 Protagonist?

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No, I’m not joking. The son of Campman, the guy who kidnapped Clementine and tried to murder Lee might be the next character we play for season 2. .

To be honest, I’m not crazy on the thought of playing a kid in this game, I would rather be playing an adult but then again TT did a wonderful job in their writing for Clementine. Even so, we really don’t know anything about him nor of his age beyond that his mother (could be overly protective too) thought he was too young to go hunting with his dad. To me, Adam might possibly be in his early teens in the 13 or 14 range, just strong and big enough to use a hunting rifle.

As for the setup, Campman said they were out looking for his son when Lee’s group took the food from their vehicle, so that places Adam is in the same area with Lee and the motel. So Adam might have his own run in with the St. Johns or even with that crazy lady in the woods before these characters meant their fates. He even might end up rescuing the crazy lady’s missing daughter or get captured by the bandits himself and is forced to help them like raiding Ben’s camp (probably with the choice to clean them out or overlook a few things so they won’t starve). Later, when the bandits attack the motor inn you could get to watch as Lee’s group flees in the RV while dodging hungry walkers as you try to escape as well.

If done right, it could be interesting. Especially if Adam finds Clementine and they’re the last two standing at the end. The best thing about the character Adam, he is connected to the last season because of his father. Which is better than introducing an entirely new character that we never heard about.

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