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Noticed a bug with launching Ice Station Santa

posted by InvaderJim42 on - last edited - Viewed by 166 users

When I decided to fire up Ice Station Santa for a second playthrough, I found that once getting past the launcher and clicking "Launch Game", the game window would remain black, it would stop loading data, and its processor usage would drop to 0. I tried running it in windowed mode, deleting the prefs.prop file, even rebooting, but nothing seemed to work. Then I noticed I left an empty folder lying about in the \Pack\data folder. I deleted this empty folder and then the game launched successfully. Was this part of a security measure to deter the ripping of game resources, or is it just an honest mistake in the game's programming?

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    I don't know if we really test for that situation. Why would you have an 'empty folder lying about' in the gamedata folder? Granted, that shouldn't actually do anything, but who knows? It's definitely an "unsupported configuration," and probably very few people other than those who are cracking the game or ripping resources would ever run into it. That said, glad you were able to fix it.

  • Well, I'd love to work for Telltale as a code monkey, but I doubt you'd hire me, considering I'd prefer to stay in New England and haven't received my degree in Computer Science yet... and don't worry about my habit of trying to rip resources~ I never tell other people how I did it and the resources I do rip never leave my computer. I guess you could call it exercises to keep my analytical mind at 100% efficiency :)

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