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First screenshots & new interview

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Interview at Quandry
Excerpt;[quote]Rosemary: So can you tell us a bit about the puzzles and gameplay?

Dan: First, we have made the solemn adventure game vow that the puzzles need to make sense in the context of the story. Second, we are focused on improving our dialog system to make it more flexible and varied than what people are used to. Third, we are working on ways for the player to solve puzzles in a more active way.

Rosemary: Can you explain further what you mean by 'a more active way'?

Dan:We want our game worlds to really come alive for the players. That means that the world continues to move around them and doesn't just wait for players to interact with it. Ideally, we would like our puzzles to not only make sense within the context of the game world, but also within the pacing of the story.

Rosemary: Including younger players usually signals an arcade teaser or a mini game and this can mean frustration for some mature players. So we should expect such episodes in Bone? I managed Whack-A-Rat, so will I cope?

Dan: Action elements in the game will be mouse driven and will require more brain power then dexterity. If you managed your way through Whack-A-Rat you will be fine.

Rosemary: Going briefly back to LucasArts, I'm thinking Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. Both keyboard controlled, presumably designed with the console market in mind. What about Bone? And after the experience of the above two games, how do you feel about keyboard controlled adventure games?

Dan: Bone will be Point and Click and if we go to console we will adapt to the console controller. As for keyboard controlled adventure games I don't think it is much fun to drive a character that is walking. Some people feel like it adds to the immersion, but to me it just makes it harder to get where you want to go.[/quote]

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