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DLL Dialog Game Ends On Sam and Max - Season 2 Moai Blues?

posted by Oz187 on - last edited - Viewed by 254 users

Sam and Max -Season 2 just randomly stops working with a DLL Error and a Send or Dont Send windows error box.

Thing is I've been an avid Sam and Max Player of the whole series of season 1 and 2 so far and used the same Laptop and never seen a problem.
Running XP Pro SP2 and a ATI Radeon IGP 9000+ on a Compaq Laptop, got all the latest drivers and the system is completely up to date.

It runs for a certain period of time and then stops, its completely random when it freezes. Really annoying being as I really wanna complete it.

Any Ideas?

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  • This sounds like one of two things, either you have a corrupt installation or you are running out of memory. I'd start by re-downloading/installing and turning off as many background programs as possible when playing. If that doesn't work, let us know.

  • I have this very same error.

    I have tried re-downloading and installing, including restarting between installs. I have also tried re-downloading from another computer. But it still have the same error.

    I did try to install it on that other computer and it seems to run fine, except that that computer only have an onboard GPU so it runs very slow.

    I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling episode 1 to see if that would do the same thing and it doesn't. I played a few minutes of it just fine, so only episode 2 seem to be doing this. And I noticed it never asks me to confirm my registration. I tried to install episode 3 and that does ask for it.

    Another strange behavior which might be related is in the following two screenshots.
    First, in episode 1:

    Second, in episode 2:

    For some odd reason, episode 2 can't connect to the internet. Re-installing does not solve that problem either.

  • We changed the way the launcher checked for an internet connection from 202 onward. It used to try to fetch a 4 byte .txt from our server, but now it tries an uncached DNS lookup for our domain.

    Also, the games are supposed to automatically log you in if you've played a past game, but we had some trouble with that, so right now it's a little hit or miss. But that's why 202 didn't ask you for a serial number.

  • Hmm I see, but the bigger problem is the DLL error. I just tried starting Episode 3 and it crashed just as the Launch Game dialog opened. With the DLL error.

  • I just tried updating DirectX, and updating my graphics drivers. Neither helped much. I still get crashes or DLL errors. It didn't happen in episode 1. And I didn't try episode 3 yet since I don't want to go out of order.

  • How quickly does the crash occur?

  • About every 10 - 15 minutes, sometimes sooner.

  • Have you updated your audio drivers as well? Definitely update those if you haven't.

    Otherwise, I may be wrong but I'm thinking the most likely problem is that you are simply running out of memory. Which is unfortunate since there is no real fix for it, short of saving and closing the game frequently.

  • Hmm well I did install 512 MB of RAM but it was not new RAM it was used previously on another computer. With that stick I have 1.5 GB of RAM. I previously only had 1.25 GB of RAM and episode 1 ran just fine. But I'll try it with the old ram and see if that's the problem.

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