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couple of questions about surfing the highway reprint

posted by patters on - last edited - Viewed by 96 users

1. how much is shipping to the uk (paperback)
2. with the free episode could one apply for the Season Two Upgrade with it (as i have not yet bought the season as i have been pretty broke due to an unfortunate series of events no relation to the books)

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  • I believe the shipping to Europe starts at 9.95. If you go through the checkout process after you enter the payment info and shipping info it should tell you exactly. This is still before you hit confirm so no charges are made. As for the upgrade, it does apply. So you can get the discounted season at the same time you buy the book, plus get the gift code in addition which you can then send to a friend, or wait until you have more money. If you don't buy it at the same time you have to redeem the gift and then use that to get the discounted season.

  • thanks and kudos for the very good pricing on the paperback (graphic novels over here are at least £13 for 60 pages)

    looks like i'm getting that instead of lost odyssey, ahh well s&m beats it

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