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  • As far as I know, nothing changed in the audio between 202 and 203. You might want to update your DirectX and your audio drivers.

    Or potentially do a redownload/install.

  • What's with the audio in the club, there is no music. Except when I'm talking to Jurgen. In frustration I read some of the walkthrough and supposedly the beat is to change when I click on the light pattern buttons, so I suppose there was meant to be sound. My drivers are all the latest but I am running 64 bit XP... all the previous games worked just fine.

  • Hey Bang, as a quick test try saving in the Zombie Factory and then loading that save. Let me know if that fixes the music.

  • Sorry no, saving/loading does not help. Nor does exiting the game and then reloading. I still hear footsteps and other foley sounds though.

  • Hmm, well if your drivers are up to date (and it probably couldn't hurt to re-install just in case), that puts the blame pretty squarely in DirectX's department. Try updating here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=2da43d38-db71-4c1b-bc6a-9b6652cd92a3&displaylang=en

  • Also, if the DirectX thing doesn't work, would you mind telling me which scenes in the game are missing music (assuming there are others besides the Zombie Factory). Also, the name of your sound card would probably be useful as well.

  • Okay, so - I decided to do it by the book and reinstalled the audio driver first. I'm using the built in audio on an nforce4 chipset motherboard by Epox, the latest nforce4 drivers are quite old and came out in late 2006. Ver 6.86 for the record. No change. I then installed directx. No change. I checked with Windows update that everything else was updated and it was except for en IE7 security update. Updating now. Everything else in the game seems normal. There is music in Stinkys, when I chat with Jurgen, when I'm outside... It seems only the dance-music bit the dust. My computer is in general fast and I'm playing in 1920x1200 on a 24" with not a glitch in sight(ati 1950 gfx). Beautiful game by the way, the puzzles are the hardest yet in season 2(I like that) I think and it's made me LOL a couple of times already. I don't know if this helpful but I'm currently stuck anyway so I'm just trying to distract myself so I can make an intuitive leap. :-)

  • When outside, music fades in when initiating a conversation, then fades out when ending it.

  • There *is* music, it is just *extremely* low in volume. I turned down voice and other sounds and set the music to maximum. Nothing. Then I turned my amplifier way up, to maximum actually. It's a fairly substantial stereo system I'm playing through. A CD played at this volume setting would wake up the neighbours a block away(it's nighttime here) and in the background I can just barely hear some music...

  • Ok, I think I know what is going on, but I don't think there is a quick fix for it. Really short version is that it has to do with the on-board audio that both you and Derwin have. I'll have to look into options on our end, but this may just be a case of the card being too underpowered.

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