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Letter to MattP

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I just read your “remedy” for the ‘hitching’ on Xbox 360. I am by no means a moron when it comes to technology but I don’t understand your “solution” at all. I tried to click on the Claim Redemption Form but everything just seems to be stings of code. Where is the form? Why does it have to be this difficult to use your company’s product?
I recently purchased and played Borderlands 2. I removed the shrink wrap, took the disc out of the case, and inserted it into the 360 console. I sat down on my couch and began playing. It was that simple. Why do I need to complete extra steps and / or wait an additional 4 weeks for codes just to play a game? My plan was to play TWD after I finished Borderlands 2. Well, over the weekend I discovered the hitching error. I no longer have my original receipt to verify purchase. I contacted GameStop and even though it is a faulty product I am unable to return for full credit. I understand their hesitation as they are merely a distributor and are in no way responsible for the product that is sent to them. Telltale is the supplier and is therefore responsible for the product.
Will there be a recall of the game? I am assuming not because the level of complaints are far less than what the cost of a complete recall would be. With that in mind, I would like a letter on TellTale letter head that informs the game distributor of my choosing to allow me return the game at full current value, $30.00, and they may then return the material to you as defective out of box to receive their credit. I would also like you to include any contact information, address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc that they may require.
I understand your company has “fixes” in place but you also have to keep in mind that some consumers may not want to deal with the hassle of deleting files and manipulating their memory files to a certain degree just to use your product. If that was stated at the beginning then it is buyer beware but that is not the case. I also do want to deal with an additional 4 week lead time. I don’t want to contribute to your company’s financial gain in anyway if this is the product you are going to put out. If you would like to replace the game with an 8 GB memory stick that has the entire first season that would be a responsible solution as well.
Know this though; I have every right to get every cent owed.
Thank you for your time,

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