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Uhm, download code?

posted by UnhappyCustomer on - last edited - Viewed by 380 users

So I bought the physical CD copy of this game for the 360, and as you may know, apparently there's a widespread issue with this game and 4gb Xboxes. I went to the page that I was directed to go to, where I have to show a picture of the game case and they'll send me a code. But whaddya know, the page is down, that's pretty bad business, because there are still people experiencing this game for the first time, and to just shut down the page is uncalled for knowing the issues with the physical copy of this game.

Anyway, I won't get nearly the money I paid if I return it to Gamestop, so uhm, what do I have to do to get the download code? Which is what I deserve.

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