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Finished Bone and looking for more adventure? The Longest Journey is for you :)

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I just started playing this game over, and it's GREAT!
It's a traditional point'n click adventure game with prerendered backgrounds, inventory puzzles and all that.
The story is good too and it's just... a very good adventure game. It got 9,3 on Gamespot btw :)
I highly recommend this game, you can probably pick it up cheap on eBay.

Oh and one cool fact about the game... it's a Norwegian game! That means most of you have to play a dubbed version of it, haha :D
I think the dubbing is good though, I've never really played anything but the Norwegian version but I hear it's good :)

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    The Longest Journey is actually considered by many adventure fans as one of the best ever made - you are not talking about a good game, you are talking about something that stands as the top of the genre.

    Not only is the story and setting detailed enough to be part of a novelised fantasy setting but it is a wonderful misc of sci-fi and fantasy. Amazing music and great puzzles but most importantly, the character April Ryan is the most realistic computer game character I have ever seen in terms of her reactions etc.. you almost believe she is alive later in the game.

    Something NO adventure fan cam miss out on. The sequel is out soon....

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    Broken Sword 4 next year too..! :)

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    Yes I can't wait! I loved the first two, I have still to play the third.

    By the way, I finished Last Ninja 1-3 over again just recently :) Great games.

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    The no save games on C64 used to kill me...
    What's LN3 like? I only played 1-2, but 3 looked a bit hippy - bit psyched out!!

    BS3 is a bit action/platformy,,..but still the game you know and love...

    I can't believe Nico keeps dumping the poor guy!!

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    I have played the longest journey and I agree that it is one of the best adventures ever made, so listen to laffers advice :D

    (and the title does not lie - you won't play this one in 2 hours...)

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    Ninjaguy, Last Ninja 3 is not as good as the two others I think. One annoying thing about it that when you die, you go back to level 1 instead of restarting at the level you died on.
    Another thing is that the screens in the levels aren't logically connected.. it's hard to explain, but say that one screen has 2 exits. If you leave the screen using one of them, you'll end up somewhere, but if you leave through the other you'll end up someplace completely different - even if both exits are almost right next to eachother.
    I tried to map the area even, but it's impossible as you never know where you end up when exiting a screen.
    Kinda like the dungeons in LN1.

    I did finish it though (the real way, without any emulator saving, I had to start all over after dying on the final level) and it IS fun, but not as fun as the other two imo.

    Last Ninja 2 is the best game in the series, the levels are just awesome :)

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    I absolutely HATE The longest journey. Everything about it is irratating. If anyone wants to know what I dislike about it in detail should view my review on

    Grrrr, Ive had the game for over 6 months and still haven't completed it.

  • I found The Longest Journey to be very good, if a little overrated. Dreamfall looks absolutely amazing, though.

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