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Episode 3 loads Episode 1... Acts like I never played before

posted by nectsta on - last edited - Viewed by 242 users

I could really use some help. I've read about other similar issues, but haven't found any solution for this problem.

The other day I purchased and dowloaded all of the episodes on Xbox Live. I played through episode 1 and 2, then whenever I began episode 3 it loaded episode 1. As soon as it loaded the first cut scene of Atlanta and the title card appears I pressed start and exited to the main menu. Apparently in that time it has autosaved episode 1, as my save file currently reads episode 1.

This happens every single time I try to play episode 3, it just loads episode 1. I don't even get the option to randomize my choices, like if I try to play ahead and start episode 4 or 5.

I even went back deleted everything from my Xbox (but my gamesave), re-downloaded each episode and replayed everything. Sat through the credits each time, and when it was time to play episode 3 again I kinda blew. Wouldn't ya know same exact thing all over again.

At this point, after playing everything twice completely, I would almost be okay with just playing the rest of the game with randomized choices, but no matter what I do, episode 3 will never load or give me the option to randomize my choices. Even when using a new blank save...

Please help. If I don't finish this game it will forever sit in my achievements only half complete, taunting me til the end of my days.

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