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Hi there,
I bought Sam and Max: The Penal Zone a while back and loved it. And now that I am trying to play it again, it keeps freezing on me. No I can't tell you where because it has frozen all over the place. The most frequent error is that I can't walk around, the joystick will not show up anymore. Otherwise, during any random movie sequence the game will freeze and most likely turn off.

So, I deleted the game, redownloaded it, and decided to check the App Store to see if I could find any info on new updates. I find out: this game doesn't run on IOS 6. Well that really sucks!!:mad::mad:

So, my question is: is telltale games good at releasing updates for new IOS? Or will I have to find some finicky way of resetting my iPad to IOS 5?:confused:
(If any of you know how to do that, please tell me!)

Thanks for any help you can give me!!


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