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Another Walking Dead Save Game Issue..

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I brought TWD from steam for my mac and I had a save game problem.

Originally, none of my in game choices were being moved across. So I looked online for fixes, and found the information about the prefs.prop duplication.

I did my best at trying a few of the suggested fixes, nothing seemed to have worked. Eventually I gave up and tried to continue my game with out my saved choices. But I then got the black screen and background noise only loading issue, even if I tried to rewind episodes.

So, then I deleted the game via steam and reinstalled. Started a new game from Episode 1. After I've now completed the episode 1 (I swear, for the 5th time now.. I can pretty much quote the dialouge) I tried and move onto episode 2, when I randomly get asked if I want to rewind. There wasn't even an option when I started Ep2 to rewind, the only option was play. What ever I click, I still get black screen and background noise.

So now I've totally gone crazy and given up all hope. I downloaded the support tool and now this is my last chance.

Please help me DjNDB before I accidentally read some TWD spoilers and ruin everything! :(

Thank you

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