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Episode 1 not unlocking

posted by DonPepper007 on - Viewed by 205 users

I downloaded the demo and purchased the first episode (today, 3/25/3013), only to have it prompt me to buy the first episode once I had completed the demo portion of the game. I have deleted all of the game information (game, progress cache, and title update) from the storage unit (I have a 120GB Xbox 360 elite, the original fat bodied version) and redownloading/installing the game and I'm experiencing the same issue. After playing through to the end of the demo where you either escape town with Chet and Shawn or Shawn and the officer, it sends me to the purchase screen and Episode 1 prompts me to "buy." I have already bought it and would like to play the game I paid for. I haven't bought the remaining four chapters and obviously won't be able to do so until you resolve this issue for me. Please let me know how to get this game to work. Thanks for your time and attention

XBL gamertag: Don Pepper007

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