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My thoughts on the game

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i had played the demo in February. So I had to buy the rest of the episodes.

I spent a good 2-3 days on this game. Mainly because when the decisions got tough. I paused the game and actually weighed out my options.

I finished the game though. I am replaying it right now cuz i wanted to know what it would have been like if i saved Doug and Ben and sided with Lilly and.... dickhead Kenny. Smh. I made different choices.

But.... this is my question.

Am I The Only One That Got Pissed Off At Ben ThroughOut This Entire Game.

I mean, yea..... Lilly's Dad was a pain in the ass but I fed him. But he still said I hated him. I gave that nigga food! So he could eat! Jerkface. And When I played this game the first time and that nigga punched me. I did not have to help get his medicine i could have let his ass die but i couldnt. Game wouldnt let me. Smh. Jerkface.

Lilly..... WHen I played it the first time. I understood the beef between her and Kenny. I tried to stay Neutral but they drove me nuts trying to be controlling. And then the Rations.... smh. A tough ass decision. I fed the kids tho. Not Ben. Just cuz he was new and could have had a good meal.

Kenny..... Total hypocrite. His son gets bit but yet he in denial but QUICK to kill anyone else that has a possible chance of turning. His boat plan wasnt going to work anyway. What they going to do? Find an island and live on it. Pretty sure the infection was spread worldwide.

I don't think I had a problem with anyone else. Oh besides the fact that i left Lilly on the side of the road. That dumb ass killed Carley. Going crazy over ppl stealing supplies. I protected Ben though (like a dummy). She killed Carley I was highly upset. I wanted to just choke Lilly and not slam her against the RV so that hoe deserved to get left. No one needs a psycho in the group. Not with kids around.

After he confessed that it was him on the train. I knew he was going to be trouble. Like, he done let Clementine leave out of his sight. He did so much shit. Why would he sabotage us anyway and we are trying to work together. That boy took the axe from the door. I was pissed. Like, did he not think! I never been so mad at a character in the game so hard in my life before. Everytime something bad happened, somehow Ben was connected to it. Ben Ben Ben, I put my trust in him and he fucks it up!

Then when they were circled! He ran and left Clementine to die. I wish their was an option to shoot his leg and slow him down. I was so mad. Because I was so emotionally tied to Clem like she was my own damn child I was mad and pissed. Ben should have been the one to die with his teacher. His friend that he was with should have been the one alive and in our group. He had more sense.

Then when Lee got bit. I cried because the game was going to be over and I couldnt do that to Clem. You slowly see him changing into a walker. Also, I watched on a video on youtube him cutting his arm off by himself. Smh. I couldnt have done it. Then he wakes up and his arm is wrapped up. Thats funny. But, I won't cut his arm off. Rather everyone else do it.

Man, I hope Season 2 is just as good and just as emotional. We need more games like this. Heavy Rain was an okay game though. Trying to get all the trophies is hard cuz I have to remember what i done previously and choose a different option each time i play. But Walking Dead beat that. Love this game.

That other walking dead game. I don't really like. wanna keep seeing ppl play on youtube before i attempt to buy that game for 60 dollars.

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