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What do you think of the recurring characters?

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Telltale has assembled quite a large cast of recurring characters by now. I'd really like to know what people think of them. Who are the favourites, who are the most annoying? This may also give some feedback to the developers.

I apologize if this thread has been done before, I couldn't find anything on the last few pages.

So, characters I like:

- Sybil. It's like the concept of "tragic relieve" - even in a comedy you need to have a few serious scenes in order to accentuate the humor and to provide a change in pace. I like Sybil because she is relatively normal. In all the crazyness of the world of Sam & Max, it's nice to have someone with whom you can have a regular chat. She also seems to be a nice person and is kind to Sam & Max.
- Bosco. I don't find his paranoia or his disguises very funny on their own, but he did provide many hilarious bits of dialogue.
- Flint Paper. Unbelievable cool, although he was out of form in 203.
- Superball. Even more deadpan than Sam, just great.
- Stinky. I just love it when Sam & Max joke about her having killed the real Stinky. They don't seem to care at all.
- Jimmy Two-Teeth. Cute, and his son was awesome.
- The Bug. Quite funny, and he can provide clever puzzles.
- The C.O.P.S. Especially the arcade machine.

Characters I don't like:

- The Soda Poppers. That they are supposed to be annoying doesn't really make it better.
- Mr. Featherly, Abe Lincoln, Harry Moleman. Just not that funny, and they are often unfriendly towards Sam & Max and by extension the player.
- The Frankenstein Monster. A candidate for a few recurring appearences. Seemed a bit bland.

My favourite character is probably Flint, my least favourite are the Soda Poppers.

What do you think?

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  • I love most of TellTale's recurring characters, but I must admit I do cringe a little whenever I see Harry Moleman.
    He tried to kill Sam and Max. Why are they engaging in polite conversation? It makes no sense!

    Harry was funny in episode 203, though.
    Maybe his attempts on their lives were so pathetic Sam and Max forgave him?

    Bosco is probably my favourite. He has a nice mix of Mr. T and Barret Wallace, yet still with his only paranoid twist.
    I love Superball too, even if he's only ever in the player's way.

  • I love the C.O.P.S., after Sam & Max themselves I think they're the funniest characters in the games.

  • I personally don't like all the recurring characters. I know everyone liked seeing Superball, Mr. Featherly and Harry again, but I really wish they were just kept to their own episode. It's really tiring having to meet the same characters over and over again, when I'd much prefer just to have fresh, unique characters for each episode. I'm also slightly bored of Abe and Sybil.

    Never Bosco though. That man is a genius.

  • well, there are characters I really love like the C.O.P.s, Flint, Bosco...
    I don't really like Sybil or Abe, not the Soda Poppers and most characters from season 1 (like the chiken).
    Season 2 characters are MUCH better, like Jurgen, ya, Jurgen is much bettar...
    characters with plot importance like Bosco and Stinky are great. Support "old" characters like Sybil and Abe, which are quiet annoying, should take a rest.

  • I mainly enjoy the presence of the recurring characters, in particular Sybil, Bosco, Flint, Superball, the C.O.P.S and the Soda Poppers (yes, I like them, mainly because they're fun to mess with :p).

    Stinky and Featherly, however, are a different story. Their somewhat snobbish attitudes make them the only two characters that actually made me grumble in angst during gameplay; I just always get the urge to pull out Sam's gun and shoot at them, even though I well know Sam would just respond with some witty comment of refusal.

    Most favorite: a tie between Bosco, Superball, and Buster Blaster (the arcade machine from the C.O.P.S).

    Least favorite: a tie between Stinky and Featherly, though I'll admit Featherly is coming VERY close to having that honor alone, since Stinky, despite her annoyance, is actually helpful at some points.

  • personally my favourite are superball, bosco, flint and Leonard (ok he doesn't have lines but I like him)

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    Hans Moleman, 'nuff said. :D

    Top Ten:

    Support Current Old Position
    Character Ranking (Episode 202)
    Superball 1 (1)
    Bosco 2 (2)
    Flint 3 (5)
    Bluster B. 4 (3)
    Stinky 5 (8)
    The Bug 6 (4)
    Jimmy 7 (7)
    Sybil 8 (9)
    The Director 9 (-)
    Commisioner 10 (-)

  • Flint Paper is really the only character I don't mind seeing more often. I wish he had something more interesting and exiting going on though. Flint hanging around at Stinky's just doesn't seem right imo. :)
    The Bug is decent, but I kind of think of him as an item, not a character. Having him around feels a bit forced.

    Superball is actually quite tolerable, too. So is Jimmy Two-Teeth.
    Bosco is alright, but his jokes and paranoia have gotten old.

    Characters I really, really, really want never to see again are:
    C.O.P.S. - decent jokes, but the voices are way too annoying to be funny.
    Soda Poppers - horrible, horrible voices. Makes me cringe each time I see them.
    Abe - I hate the model ... a talking marble head just appearing in places isn't funny at all. Too off-beat for me.

    Characters that could be alright but are boring:
    Sybil - could use more spunk, something to make the character more colorful (not necessarily off-beat or wacky). She's so bland and uninteresting now.
    Stinky - Never really has had anything interesting to say or do.

  • I really like Sybil. I actually kinda felt bad for leading her on like that in 104.
    Superball and Flint Paper are awesome. I wanna see a team-up.
    The Bug needs more screen time. A lot more.
    C.O.P.S *snicker* I give my 8-bit love.
    Hate List:
    The Soda Poppers-I audibly groan every time they show up. I don't suppose I could pay extra for new episodes that don't have them?

  • They're in 3 episodes last year and were only in the first episode this year... People think we use them all the time, it's so weird. There are probably other 'secondary' returning characters who have had more episodes than the Poppers. Just goes to show you!

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