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The Age of S&M - Did I miss the boat?

posted by Tonurics on - last edited - Viewed by 230 users

Call me old fashioned, but I'm a brick and mortar kind of guy. However when I saw you can pre-order a signed edition of Surfing the Highway, after many years of resisting I was finally coerced into registering on and giving out my valuable financial data.

But when I went to add a copy of "the Age of S&M" it was nowhere to be found; I always planned on getting it once it showed up in a bookstore (which as far as I've seen, has not happened). But alas it is gone, vanished into mere ether. Is there any information as to when it will be back in the telltale store? Or am I basically screwed?

(I did order the Effigy Mound.)

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