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what fears do you have for season 2

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as in what you hope not to see in season 2 my only one is not seeing clousure in clementines story

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  • not hurt a Clementine, she is good

  • Kenny coming back for fan service. He died, let'm be dead.

  • -Clem being able to handle herself after the traumatic events of season 1. I'd still like her to influence my moral decisions.

    -I'd like to be a parental figure again, but I'm afraid that we'll start out with a character that will have little interaction with Clem.

    -Kenny being alive. The guy went out the best way possible.

    -TV show characters appearing in-game. TT should stick with the comic canon.

  • My fear is seeing a repeat of Lee and Carley's relationship; someone unexpectedly shooting someone the protagonist is fond of without having a chance to prevent it.

  • Christa die or she get shot and the baby die.

  • Clementine dying, seeing Kenny as a walker, walker Lee killing someone.

  • Agreed with the OP, the only thing i genuinely do not want is for Clementine to never appear in Season 2.

    I actually want to see things like walker Kenny and walker Lee killing our survivors. I know it will sadden me, but that's why i want it(also for closure).

    Clementine's death being the exception though...there's a limit to how much sadness i want, and that's striking the bell.

  • My biggest fear is, as some people already said: Clem not appearing at all, we never clearly heard she will. It looks like she will appear, but it is not confirmed yet.

    And my second biggest fear is the ending of S2, will it be good and satisfy us? will they kill off Clem? Or will they make a way too happy ending? Neither one sounds good, but what else could happen? She either dies, finds a save haven, or continues to walk through the apocalypse.

    And I sincerely hope, that there will be no unrealistic stuff, or at the very least not too much of it, no katanas, no wall-climbing ninjas (Molly) etc. Keep it interesting, but none the less realistic.

    @Kenny: Please stay dead bro, you deserved some peace, and you went out like a hero, no need to get you back, because some fanboys keep complaining.

  • My fears for Season 2 Are: adding TV characters more into the story,no Lee,Clem Dying,Clem turning out like Carl,Daryl Dixon showing up to please mainstream,weak script,lack of options to survive and other people to survive(i know this would be hard to do but imagine someone dying early on and the story if they survive would be totally different), no merchandise :D

  • I'm afraid they will sacrifice story to make it popular and sell well...

    I like Clem as much as everyon else but I don't want them to ruin the storyline or game just to have her as the PC or a major character...

    We don't want Telltale to make the game to just make everyone happy with Kenny surviving or Carley coming back to life or Lee 'passing out'

    I want them to stay true to the story and franchise and if that means killing of Clem or something equally bad then I will be happy even if it creates just as much of an uproar as Carley's death...

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