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Going with Lilly is much safe than with Kenny ?

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Why do people assume that going with Lilly who knows where and after what she did is better than going with Kenny to Savannah ?
Some people say that Kenny caused Lee's death by going to Savannah to find a boat but remember Clem wanted to go to Savannah to find her parents , and how is going with Lilly a better solution ? She proved that she can kill anyone she doesn't like and i don't think Clementine will be thrilled to go with a woman who tortured her best friend aka Ben ( or tried to kill him if you saved Doug ) and who killed Carley because she called her the B word .
So do you guys think that going with Lilly it will be much safe for Lee and Clem than with Kenny ?

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  • No, I don't think anything better would've happened if Lee and Clementine went with Lilly. If anything, Campman's actions is what killed Lee. If he never came to Savannah, then Lee wouldn't have gotten bitten and would've been able to help protect the boat from Vernon and Kenny (and Ben) would still be alive.

  • Neither one directly caused his death, he was inattentive, and got bit, shit happens, I don't blame anyone but himself for it.

  • Considering we don't know where or how far Lilly managed to go in the dying RV, it's anyone's guess.

  • Savannah was a death Trap and it was stupid to go there
    If they hadn't gone he wouldn't have died at that moment but everyone dies eventually...

    If they wanted a boat so much Why not just go to a small fishing village not a massive city?

  • Getting bit could have happened anywhere, but Campman only came after Clem after she told them that they were actually going to Savannah. He would have showed up regardless, and since it would only be Lilly, Lee, and Clem, all three of them may have died since they didn't have more people to help.

  • Well we know what happened with Kenny so I think savannah was a dangerous place, but it also kind of depends on if you were on her side or not but I think going with Lilly might have been different just delaying the inevitable.

  • Only Clem would had cause problems because she talked behind the back from everyone & lied at everyone with "the thing didn't work".

    I would say going with Lilly could be safer.

  • @FoxxyFox said: Only Clem would had cause problems because she talked behind the back from everyone & lied at everyone with "the thing didn't work".

    I would say going with Lilly could be safer.

    She more likely pulled a Carley and didn't know that the batteries were dead, so just assumed it was broken.

    I think going with Lilly would be more dangerous if it is at the time of her departure in game, because she is mentally unstable and would probably have clouded judgment in too many situations. Before she cracks, it might be safe, but one different variable doesn't guarantee survival.

  • It would have been easier to survive for sure though. You, Lilly, and Clem. Much lesser mouths to feed and can stay on the move much easier. Avoiding the city would be the biggest difference and would give Lee's survival chance much higher.

    Only problem now is Lilly's mental state and the fact that you and her will need to depend and rely on each other 100%. If you kept a good relationship with her then it might not be to bad, but after what has happened already can you really trust to be with her all alone day and night?

  • Kenny had so much more hope than Lily, even after his family died. His plan was sound and would've actually ended up working as far it was planned until that bunch of gerry's got involved.

    That can't be said for Lily who lost her mind at the loss of a loved one. You want to stay with Lily? No way, not with her record.

    1. She stopped being a leader as soon as Larry had his attack in the chemist. A leader never says "It's not my job." She couldn't do anything, she sat at her fathers side the whole time. Doug could've done that. Instead she dropped the ball, stopped being the leader and keeled under the pressure. She ended up making a person she didn't even know, a person who [in my playthrough] had just had an altercation with her father a few moments before, go on a life threatening mission to get him medicine.

    (We won't take my hate for Larry into account.)

    2. She bowed out again when it came to feeding everyone and instead once again avoided the job and pushed it onto Lee again. You know why? because Lee never said "It's not my job." He did everything he was told. (Not in the sense of control) every time something came up he'd step up to the task. [In my playthrough] He murdered and stole and put himself into the grimmest of situations and did what had to be done...

    3. It was her idea to stay at the motor inn. Larry's death is as much her fault as it is [In my playthrough] Kenny's and Lee's, they all took the risk, Larry and Mark ended up paying the blood price for it. Still, she insists on staying at the Motel allowing Ben an opportunity to get involved with the bandits. She shot [In my playthrough] Carley, she pretty much killed Duck and Kat with her inaction.

    And that's just it, Lily did nothing for the group [In my playthrough] I thought she was a detriment to the cohesion of the group as a unit. Therefore unworthy of being a leader.

    Kenny was a true leader, he took over in the chemist, He was eager to pry into the St Johns business. Even when his son was doomed, he still drove the train. His wife and child died yet he kept on moving. He was always cautious and adapted well in hectic environments. [In my playthrough] he was able to somewhat forgive Ben and even sacrificed himself to put the kid out of his misery before he died, only to be eaten himself. His record is great. His plan was to get them to Savannah, and to get them a boat. He succeeded on both of those goals.

    Lee's death is to be solely blamed on Clementine.

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