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Problems with online store

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I'm trying to buy the season 1 downloadable version of Sam&Max, and I can't seem to get past the first screen after the shopping cart where you enter your address/CC info. Every time I try and go to the next page I wait a few minutes then get a connection reset/timed out error. Is the store down or something? :confused:

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  • I just tried it and I'm not getting hung up on that screen, so I don't think it's a global problem. I see the orders you tried to place but can't tell why they're not going through.

    Could you clear your cookies for and, empty your shopping cart, and start again from scratch? Let us know if that works or not.

  • Tried again from scratch on a few different computers. Stuck at the same place.

    Firefox and IE on a Windows machine
    Safari and Firefox on a Mac
    Firefox using Fedora Core 8

    Anyway, if it works for you it may be something to do with my internet configuration or something, although I can't imagine what.

  • If all those machines were on the same network, then yeah, I imagine it has something to do with that. Don't know what it would be, though. :(

    I can try asking our ecommerce provider but I don't think they'll be able to tell us why it's not working, either.

    Do you have a PayPal account? If yes, could you try using that instead? If it's getting stuck on the credit card authorization for some reason (which is what happens when you click the "next" button on that page), then using PayPal instead would bypass it. From what I can see, your orders aren't making it to the authorization stage.

    Worst case scenario, if it's still happening tomorrow, I can try to help you complete the order.

  • Seems like it's a problem with our internet here. We've had nothing but trouble since Comcast bought out our local internet service, I'll try ordering from a friend's house later.

    Update: Worked fine from another location!

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