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If Doug/Carley never died .

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Let's say that Lee saves Carley from Lilly and she thanks him for saving her .
When they hop on the train she makes a confession that she loves him and she wants to start a family with him , Lee tells her that he loves her too but he doesn't know if it will work but then Carley questions him that if Clem's parents are dead then he will have to become her dad and he can't find a mom for her and she tells him that she will take care of her with him then a decision comes :
Make a family with Carley or dump her .
If you decide to make a family with her Lee and Carley will become a couple , Carley will spend time with Clementine and one night they will.... well ..... Bow chicha wow wow :D
Carley tells Lee that she is pregnant and he is very happy that he will have a kid and he has another reason to survive but because she is pregnant he will have to carry her and months later they have a baby and the game ends with Lee , Carley , Clementine and the baby become a family
Or if you dump her she will tell him that she will remain loyal to him .
But that doesn't mean that people who saved Doug don't get rewarded : before they hop on the train Doug tells Lee that he never had friends but he feels that Lee is a good friend and he tells him that he noticed that he and Kenny are having a breakthrough so he wants to be friends with Lee and that he will protect Clem , Lee will tell him that he never had good friends too before the apocalypse and tells Doug that he is a good friend and that he , Doug and Clementine should be a group and survive on their own and at the end of the game we see Lee , Doug and Clementine with a new group and all of them are friends .
It's kinda sad really because if Telltale thought more about the choice matter thing than the game will be tailored by our actions and the Doug or Carley choice could of affected the ending for example if you save Carley you end up a family man ( or not if you dump her ) or if you save Doug you end up with a daughter and a loyal friend or if you play as Scumbag Lee you end up alone .
So would you start a family with Carley or dump her ?

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  • I remember Lee walking up the stairs towards Carley's room after she said she wanted to talk to him. Carley said something along the lines of "I've been thinking about you". I had Lee say something to the effect of "what have you been thinking about" rather than the obvious choice of "I've been thinking about you too". Hey, it may be a ZA but the games must go on right?

    Although Carley seems like the right choice for a romantic element to the game, my Lee was actually making good progress with's not like she's chopped liver from my observations.

    I think TTG did a very good job with season 1 but I think it's difficult to put all these elements in one season especially when they were proceeding as if this would be the one and only season they were going to make for TWD.

    As to your question, you know Lee is recently paroled....only a short time out of the hand need to weigh him down with a domestic life right away. Breath the free air I say...:D

  • Gotta start a family. Besides, since Carley knows about Lee's "previous marriage experiences", shall we say, she'll be less likely to do what his previous wife did. Too bad the axe was left on the farm. Ya know, "just in case".

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