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Poker Night 2 Click to start

posted by Krampus on - last edited - Viewed by 441 users

So my compy crashed, and when I started up poker night 2 again when the click to start screen showed up I clicked, and it did not start. So I took that this was just a save file corruption. I went to my telltale games file, and I painfully deleted my poker night 2 save file. "Its for the best" I whispered to myself as I erased all my progress. So I pasted in my back up file and started up again. Whaddya know! It didn`t work! :( So I said to myself, "fuck progress, I just really wanna play now :mad:." I deleted my file again and started it up, and...... it still didn`t get past the click to start screen :(. Help please! Not being able to play a game I paid for totally blows

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