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Your Drunk Poker Night 2

posted by BillytheMan on - Viewed by 175 users

I am having a horrible problem with Poker Night 2. I preordered it on my Mac on Steam and downloaded it the day it came out. When I launched it everything seemed fine but a soon as the guy says " I leave you to the mercies of GLaDOS" The screen froze and all you could hear was the occasional sound of what i assume to be GLaDOS moving around. I couldn't exit out of the frozen game thus forcing me to turn off my laptop. When i turned on my laptop and opened Steam i decided to try again and launch the game. This time however i could only see the game on the lower left corner of my screen, all the colors were shades of blue, and it froze immediately. I had to again restart my laptop. I have looked at many sites that talk about Poker Night 2 errors but none of them explain anything like this and i downloaded DirectX software to try to fix the problem and it still had the same problems. I love TellTaleGames and Steam and all I want to do is play the game i preordered. Please Help.

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