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Ugh.... I'm not trying to call people out but.....

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I simply can not believe the ignorance there is at the Poker Night 2 Steam Community Hub.

First off, it's clear that most people there don't appreciate let alone understand the strategy of Poker, and are just there for "easy-to-win" TF2 hats and other unlockables. Although this is nothing new from the first Poker Night, we now suddenly have people accusing this game of being rigged, unbalanced, and a rip-off just because it's too hard for them to win all of the items.

I tried my best to cooperate with them, I really did. But no matter how much advice and suggestion topics I'm willing to give them, they just continue on with their complaints and remorse for buying the game.

No offense, but have these people ever thought about, you know, rethinking their poker strategy? The AI was clearly built to be more strategic as you win more and more bounties, but people there take it the wrong way. So much to the point that they (I'm not making this up) actually spread rumors that a certain "source" states the developers really did program the game to make AI cheat, and always give them a good hand.

Instead of helping each other out and giving tips, they usually just whine and complain about the game's difficulty, and they're all begging for a patch that gives easy mode. It's also common to hear them calling the game a rip-off just because they say it was deliberately programmed to be "unwinnable". There are even a few boycott topics too because of that.

Despite every nonsensical thing the Community Hub says, the truth is, the prizes for Poker Night 2 are much more valuable than last time. They're hats and misc. items, not weapon reskins like in Poker Night 1. Plus you've also got Borderlands 2 items thrown in. So with that said, it would be common sense to make the difficulty harder to make those valuable items well-earned instead of quickly being leeched out by resetting the Tournament every 5 minutes after going all-in like in the original game.

I'm going to ignore the Community Hub for a while now until everything settles down, but I think they literally just made me sick to my stomach after being there for the past day or so...

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