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My Brother played Poker Night 2 before me and unlocked the bounty items...

posted by HSBatman on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

Now when I play it says that I have them already and they won't unlock... Wait. What?

We both bought a copy of this game but apparently if we play it on the same computer one of us can't get the bounty items. Are you ****ing kidding me?

Deleting the save data doesn't work, I already tried. It just re-downloads from Steam.

Great job guys. Thanks for wasting my time and money PLUS apparently permanently locking out my ability to even attempt getting the bounty items.

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  • Poker Night 2 isn't a Steam Cloud game so it shouldn't be downloading save games at all from anywhere. You moved the save game from %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\Poker Night 2 ?

    You could also try a separate user profile on that computer. It should have the same effect as removing the save game but it could help.

  • For some reason, when I changed the compatibility mode for the exe, it deleted the save. You might wanna try that out.

    EDIT: Turns out it doesn't DELETE the save, but in a very, VERY weird way, creates a NEW save. You can come back to your old save after you fix your compatibility to its former settings again. So... it works like a user selection...

    ...but it shouldn't do that. Weird. I'm sure they'll patch it someday.

    I hope they won't.

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    MattP Telltale Alumni

    Game saves on the same windows user account can be accessed by any Steam account that runs the game. This is how most games on Steam work, not just our games. If you'd like to unlock the bounty achievements on another account, you can login to a different windows user account or remove the Poker Night 2 folder from the save directory (Documents\Telltale Games) and start the game again. The saves and prefs are linked, so removing just the save file will not reset your in-game Stats.

    In regards to compatibility mode, different versions of Windows use different save directories to store your save game. While Windows 7 uses 'Documents', Windows XP uses 'My Documents'. So technically your save games live in a different directory if you run in compatibility mode.

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