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Poker night 2 cheats outrageously

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The odds against what the computer is getting is so astronomical I can only assume it is cheating. I lose every showdown no matter what the odds are - as an example, I went up against one of the computers with a hand that had the same high card and a higher low card, such as

Ace - king

and the computer had

ace - 2

and then on the flop there were two 2's. This happened literally 3 times in a row (not aces and twos every time, but we both had the same high card and I had a better low). Then the very next hand one of the cpus went blind all in before the flop and got a royal flush. I have played poker for many years and I've never seen anyone get a royal flush before, getting it blind is ridiculous. I played one tournament where I lost 9 showdowns in a row where my "chances" were over 75% before the flop.

Why would anyone ever want to play a poker game that cheats? What is wrong with you, telltale?

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  • @dRailer said: I'm here to agree, but not completely. The AI characters don't cheat, if by cheating you're saying that they magically get the right cards. They don't. What they ARE doing, at least by my observation, is betting as if seeing the entire hand they will be dealt at the end of the hand. Most of the time I think this is invisible, because it looks more like a "hunch" that the AI character has, or perhaps a bluff that turned out lucky.

    But multiple times I've experienced a scenario like this:

    AI gets a 5 and a 7, and starts betting like a maniac, maybe even going ALL IN. I slap down my cards, and I've got a better hand by a longshot. In this case, I had experienced this before, so I was expecting it: sure enough, the flop starts to show signs of a STRAIGHT, but isn't a straight yet. By the last card though? YOU BET he got a straight. In this case, what was awesome... is that the last card he needed for the top of his straight, ended up being the low card I needed for the bottom of my straight. So the foresight didn't pan out.

    But yeah, somebody needs to record this, repeatedly, please. If for no other reason than to hear how this was programmed. It's still a poker game, and I've seen other poker games do it too. It mostly doesn't matter. But it sucks when it does.

    I'll ask the question straight out, though. Devs, when an AI character is betting at the beginning of a hand, how many cards are they basing that first bet on? I think the answer is the best 5 cards that they'll have in their hand. Is that correct?

    Consider the following:

    The AI don't know the actual cards going to be played, but the AI do know the probability of getting the cards they want. And without knowing how awesome your cards are until the end, they bet in hopes of receiving the cards they want. And through pure luck alone, they get it.

  • So im growing tired of the game cheating on me...
    Whenever I actually have good cards lets say I have 3 tens and 2 Q's so i bet big but lose against a pair of J's.

    The game doesnt acknowledge my strongest cards, this happens mostly though [to me] when you have a 2 pair or full house.

    If its going to cheat and glitch like this, dont make an achievement " Have a balance of 1 million!" Its tedious when a luck based game makes you lose even if you did in fact win.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Hi Myzith, it sounds like you might be playing Omaha style. Check out this guide by one of our helpful mods for further explanation, or try switching to Texas Hold 'Em style.

  • this game is ridiculous its the same pattern, ive been playiiing 2 days now and havent won 1 game yet. its always the same first brock will always go all in and lose meanwhile claptrap continuously folds as ash and the dog battle it out. eventually ash goes all in after losing, then theres a 50 50 chance of beating the dog. then its always claptrap and he is impossible to beat. sometimes they let you win to have just enough chips to go in another hand or 2 just to be completely destroyed by claptraps royal flushes. anytime claptrap raises or goes all in i know he has a ridiculous hand i cant beat, but my money is already almost gone anyways so i cant do anything except just go all in and hope the next cards i get are a miracle. unfortunately they never are for me but always are for him.

  • I hope the creator of the game or the people programming it see this comment because I would like what I'm about to say to be heard by them. This is game is SOOOOOO cheap. I have won hundreds of dollars in online poker for real money. Won tournaments, cash games, sit and go's. You name it. I can't win a single tournament in this game every since the bounty tourney's began. Its complete sh*t. Also, the betting patterns suck. AI are betting more then 3 times the big blind constantly. Raising at terrible times. It just sucks.

  • I created an account just so I could say a huge THANK YOU to puzzlebox for his post - I was beyond frustrated with the game because the rules for Omaha aren't explained in-game, so I was assuming normal poker rules. Now that I know how it really works I've managed to go from $220,000 in the hole to $180,000 on the positive side. Thanks!

  • I thought I would just come here to say that I just saw the AI characters pull 2 straights and a flush in the showdown....and that it did not surprise me that much after having played this game for a while and having seen AI do some amazing stuff. I'll believe that the cards are random when I see a monkey getting launched with a catapult by blindfolded men and landing safely on the moon.

    Folks, if you are going to add an increasing difficulty level then just say so or make it an option rather than mandatory coding.

  • I'm playing Poker Nights 2 for the last few days and, after losing many times in the showdown, I found this discussion while searching the web for any possible bug in this game. Like many others here, I play poker as a hobby and I've never seen such lucky players in my whole poker experience. Even playing against AI.

    The AI in this game don't cheat. GlaDOS don't help AI players. This isn't even necessary.

    My guess is that the game logics isn't based on pure statistic, but on stack sizes, pot sizes and player behavior. There is no odds or probability, but an algorithm based on the whole situation, where it clearly tends to favor AI players.

    Every single time that I'm heads-to-heads agains't Brock he starts to aggressively bet when I'm the big blind and just check. He calls any bet I make and very often bet using the '3 times the bing blind' tactic, out of nowhere. I see my stack saying goodbye every time I try to confront him. My cards just seem useless, because he always do this and always win. Sometimes he loses around 1/3 of his pot, but it feels like its just to "cheer me up". He easily get it back in the next 2 ou 3 hands.

    I've turned off the autoupdate feature and I'm planning to record my gameplay and put on YouTube. Maybe I'll try to use reverse engineering to identify how the algorithm behave in certain situations, like going all in with A-K suited and loses every time to a flush or a miracle card on the river.

    BTW, if someone here, after playing PN2, started to think that is kinda trivial to lose to a flush in the showdown, the probability of being dealt a flush is 0.196%. A straight flush? 0.0015%. Do the math...

  • Very next hand. I pull pocket 9s, and bet big again to get Sam on the run. He goes all in and has trash; 6 and 4. The flop is Q, K, K. Very interesting, but I still win...right? The turn is a 6, but that shouldn't matter. Once again the river comes and ruins my day again with another Q.

    Wait, you had 99, and Sam has 64. The board is QKK6Q?

    You should have won that pot. Your best 5 card hand is KKQQ9, Sam's best 5-card hand is KKQQ6.

    Here's the thing: I don't think Poker Night cheats, I just think that the poker algorithm is just badly coded, so that it can't properly evaluate hands. Sometimes it awards split pots to one player, or simply doesn't know what it has - in PN1, it once gave the Heavy an ace-high flush when he really had the steel wheel (a five-high straight flush).

    I know it's been out a while, but you need to use a different method of ranking poker hands for PN3 - there are some open source libraries you could use, perhaps? And there should be a way to keep track of what dialogue was most recently played and weigh that dialogue to appear less often. If Apple can do it with playlists, you guys can do it with Claptrap stuttering every three minutes.

  • Old game but I just wanted to add my frustration. I'll often go all-in with top pair, and more times than not, they insta-call with absolutely nothing (no pair, draw, and sometimes not even a single over card to the board), yet one of them seem to always suck out. I expect that shit from real life players on the internet, but not from friggin' NPCs! This game is somehow rigged!

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