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The Original Set

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Alright judging from the trailers of episodes, this is my theories of the original things going to happen in TWD: Video Game. Ahem, let's begin.


I think originally instead of Katjaa, Christa was going to be Kenny's husband (something I'd love to see). But why would she kill herself? Well let's say instead of something like Duck, Christa would be pregnant. However when Katjaa fell on the motel and Lee had to save her, Christa fell and realized that her pregnant baby must have died inside of her.

So she committed suicide. But I guess Telltale would love to see Christa as a mother figure to Clementine - (Also much like Katjaa) and so they quickly replaced her with Katjaa and put Christa alongside Omid.


With Ben, I'm not sure what they'd do for future episodes but I feel like he'd be a lot more braver and determined than he was shown in the actual game. He was seen to have killed walkers and honestly could be seen as a weakling slowly turning into a level-headed survivor.

There's also unused audio of Ben witnessing tragic events including one of his classmates being r****d to death by bandits.

These are just my theories, what do you think originally was planned in the game.

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