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Oculus Rift support with TellTale games?

posted by Locomojo on - last edited - Viewed by 632 users

Has anyone heard anything about Telltale experimenting with Oculus Rift VR support in their game engine?

I know the Telltale CEO, Dan, was at the Tribeca Film Festival where him and Nate Mitchell from Oculus were both giving talks. I'm wondering if they chatted about it.

Off the top of my head I know there will be Rift support with the follow engines and games: Unreal engine, Unity, Valve, ID Software, Minecraft, Second Life, a bunch of sweet Indie Games like this one, but WHAT ABOUT OUR BELOVED TELLTALE GAMES?

I personally think a VR version of The Walking Dead, or any Telltale adventure game would be incredible. Can someone please send a couple dev kits to Kevin?

The poll is below. How many people think Telltale games would translate well into a virtual reality setting?

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