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The Walking Dead: Choices not being carried into next episode

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So I bought the Telltale Game Collection on Steam and started playing The Walking Dead yesterday. But when I got to the second episode I realized that my choices from episode 1 hadn't been carried over. I then checked this forum and saw the fix in the sticky thread.

Episode 1 choices not being carried into Episode 2 on the PC.

If you’re currently experiencing this issue, please open the folder that you installed The Walking Dead to. If you find a prefs.prop file in this folder, move (move; don't copy) it to your save game folder and overwrite the file that’s currently there. By default, that folder is located here:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

Windows 7
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

I did the fix and was able to continue playing the second episode. I finished Episode 2 last night, watched the preview to the next episode and the credits and then quit the game when I got to the main menu.

But this morning, I started the third episode, and watching the "Previously on the Walking Dead" part, I realized that my choices again hadn't been carried over. I chose to save Doug in the first episode, but in this summary of the previous events, I was shown saving Carley and making some choices that I didn't actually make.

I thought that maybe I could just repeat the fix and again move the prefs.prop from the game directory to the save file (i.e. Documents) directory. But this time there wasn't a prefs.prop file in the game directory.

I then started the game again and tried to play chapter 3 for a second time, but the problem was still the same. My choices from the first two chapters hadn't been carried over. What's weird though: After I had tried to play the third episode for the second time and then checked the game directory for the prefs.prop file, there it was! The game had apparently created the file when I tried to start Chapter 3 for the second time (and no, I didn't just miss the file the first time I checked, it definitely wasn't there). But I realized that this newly created prefs.prop file was exactly the same one that way already in the save game folder. Since it was the same file, there wasn't much point in moving the file like it says in the fix, but I did it anyway. But as expected, nothing changed.

I then tried to go back to the last chapter of the second episode (i.e. the abandoned car in the woods). And there all of my previous choices were intact. I finished this chapter and after that I again tried to start the third episode, but the problem was still there. So the choices are actually saved in the save files, but the game simply does not load them when I start the third episode.

I ran the Support Tool and attached the file to this thread, and hope that someone's gonna have a solution to this problem for me.

I'm really frustrated by all of this. I bought the game, and now I can't even continue playing it. What's the point of having this feature, when I doesn't even work properly? Maybe the developers should have included a feature where the game gives you a code at the end of each episode and you then type it in at the beginning of the next one. Back in the time when console games still used cartridges, that's how you used to copy data from one cartridge to the other. The codes may get rather long, and the concept is outdated, but at least it would work. Including this as a fail-safe option is definitely a must, as long as you can't rely on the game to carry over your choices to the next episode.

And even if someone manages to fix this for me now, will I have to deal with this every time I play the game now? When I saw the fix in the sticky thread, I thought this would only be a problem when going from the first to the second episode. Will this happen again, when I go to the fourth and fifth chapters? Or when I want to play the game again in another save slot?

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