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The Wolf Among Us Unofficial FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

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The Wolf Among Us FAQ (Last Update on August 22, 2014)

All information in this FAQ is compiled by community moderators Jennifer and Vainamoinen. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

(1) What is The Wolf Among Us?
It is an episodic game based on Bill Willingham's Fables comics, set in Fabletown, a hidden refuge for Fables in New York City. It is a prequel, set before the first issue, and is said by Mr. Willingham to be in canon with the comics. The player character will be the sheriff Bigby Wolf, and it will include Fables favorites like Snow White and Colin, one of the three little pigs. It also features original Fables created by Telltale for this game.

(2) What kind of game is it?
It is a game about choices, similar to The Walking Dead, with action sequences. The choices in this game relate to Bigby's wolf side, and how he treats the people he meets and those he has to protect. Like The Walking Dead, it consists of choice based gameplay. However, there is more freedom in the choices this time. You are able to choose where to go in some instances, and the events will happen in real time. So, the other event will still play out regardless of whether or not you are there. Also, the action is slightly more directly controlled this time. Bigby gets into brawls, and since he is a Fable, the fights are more over the top than they could be with someone like Lee from The Walking Dead.

(3) Is Bill Willingham involved with the game?
Bill Willingham reached a deal with Telltale to help with the general direction of the story of the game, and to make sure the characters and story stay true to the greater Fables universe.

(4) On which platforms is TWAU available?
The episodes are available for PC and Mac through the Telltale Store, Steam and other digital platforms, on the PlayStation3 through PSN, on Xbox360 through XBLA, and on iOS. Episodes one through three are available on Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV, and the final two episodes will be released shortly.

On October 24th, 2013, Telltale also announced a PS Vita version of The Wolf among Us. No release date has yet been announced for Vita, other than the confirmation by Sony that it would be released sometime in 2014. It will also be released on disc for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, but release dates for these versions have not yet been announced.

(5) When were the episodes released?
Episode 1 "Faith" was released on October 11, 2013 on PC & Xbox Live, on October 14th on Mac, on October 15th for PSN NA, on October 16th for PSN EU, on December 5th for iOS, and on June 2, 2014 for Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV.
Episode 2 "Smoke and Mirrors" was released on January 4, 2014 on PC, Mac & PSN NA, on January 5th for XBLA & PSN EU, on January 7th for iOS, and on June 2, 2014 for Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV.
Episode 3 "A Crooked Mile" was released on April 8, 2014 on PC, Mac & PSN NA, on April 9th for XBLA & PSN EU, on iOS on April 10th, and on June 2, 2014 for Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV.
Episode 4 "In Sheep's Clothing" was released on May 27, 2014 on PC, Mac & PSN NA, on May 28, 2014 for XBLA, May 29, 2014 for iOS, and on PSN EU on May 30.
Episode 5 "Cry Wolf" was released on July 8, 2014 for PC, Mac & PSN NA, on July 9, 2014 for XBLA and PSN EU, and on July 10, 2014 for iOS.

(6) How much does it cost?
Like The Walking Dead, the episodes cost $5 each. A season pass option comprising all five episodes is available for $25. The price might vary per platform. On some platforms (like the PC), you can't buy the episodes individually and will have to buy the entire season at once.

(7) How many episodes are there?
There are five episodes. The episode titles are Faith, Smoke & Mirrors, A Crooked Mile, In Sheep's Clothing, and Cry Wolf.

(8) Which languages are available for The Wolf Among Us?
Only English is available at the moment. There is no word on what languages The Wolf Among Us will be translated to or when they will be available, but historically Telltale has released their translations towards the end of the season.

(9) Will there be a bonus/free collector's DVD version available from the Telltale store?
YES! Yes, after three years, Telltale store PC/Mac Season customers will finally receive a free bonus game DVD just for shipping costs.

(10) If I buy the game from someplace other than the Telltale store will I still get the collector's DVD?
No. The collector's DVD is only available for PC and Mac customers who order from the Telltale store (or from an outlet that has a code that redeems on the Telltale Store).

(11) What will be on the collector's DVD from the Telltale store?
According to a post by the president of Telltale Games, Kevin Bruner, the collector's DVD will have the entire game on it, various videos, behind the scenes, etc. The DVD also comes in a case with special TTG only artwork. They have done a DVD with almost every TTG series, but since the DVD usually contains things that are created while the series is in production, they can't say what specific things will be on it. They usually start locking down the exact contents of the DVD as the season comes to a close.

(12) Will there be a season two or a DLC episode, like with 400 Days in The Walking Dead: Season One?
Neither a second season nor a DLC episode has been announced. Note that 400 Days was Telltale's first time creating downloadable content for a season that was separate from the regular season, so it's unknown if this will be repeated for Telltale's other seasons. Both are certainly a possibility.

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    Dibz1 BANNED

    NEGATIVE!! You are mistaken.

    I didn't pay anything for episode 1. I just purchased the seasons pass at 20 dollars on the PSN and then downloaded episode 1 without paying anything more then what I did for the seasons pass..

    Thus all I paid is 20 dollars which includes every single episode present and to come :)

    You can also purchase episodes 1 an a time on the console.. I had that option and chose instead to purchase the season pass as you saved money doing so.

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    Dibz1 BANNED

    You save 5 dollars if you just buy the seasons pass on the PSN.

    If you buy it here on site, or wherever, like for PC etc.. You don't save $5. You pay full price at 5 dollars an episode = 25..

    Which I don't think is fair for everyone else.. As it makes sense to gain something from pre-ordering all the episodes, or putting in buyer's faith towards the idea that you will enjoy all 5.

    I guess everyone who isn't on console has to pay extra.. Sorry fokes :(

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    Jennifer Moderator

    You have to pay $25 for it on Xbox 360 as well (Blind Sniper is correct that for that console you have to first buy episode one to get the $20 season pass). Only PSN and iOS users get the game cheaper. It was the same for The Walking Dead Season One as well.

  • So in other words.. On top of a huge delay with no communication we get an extra $5 punch to the face over PSN buyers..

  • Speaking as someone who has both been punched in the face and overpaid for a product by a $5 margin, I can say with total confidence that the former is a far more unpleasant experience.

  • (9 was all I needed to read. I'm never buying a Telltale game again.

  • I can't wait for Season 2 (however long it might take to release).
  • There will be second season? I Hope so. I Love this game.

  • In the butcher shop on the chalkboard I saw "Steak and Willingham Cheese".

  • Me too. It is just too good to just abandon the project completely. There must be at least DLC or better - another series. I´m looking forward to it. Please. It would be really awesome.

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