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question about season 2 on IOS version

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Hey there, this is my first post on this forums, so I apologize in advance if this isn't the "clearest" or the first post regarding this, but help would be greatly appreciated:D Anyway, I just installed the first episode of TWD on my iPod touch 5th generation about a month ago, I've played through like 5 times because TWD by telltale is just so amazing! (oh I know, how late am I hehe....) I instantly fell in love, and proceeded to buy the remaining 4 episodes, and found them all extremely enjoyable, and entertaining (beautiful game TTG, you guys did an amazing job:)) I just have a real quick question regarding season 2 of TWD on IOS devices, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad etc... This fall when they release the first episode of season 2, will it be available for PC, console, AND iOS devices? I could have sworn that I read somewhere that season 2 will not be available on iOS until a few months after all of the season 2 episodes are released on console/PC. Is this true? Or will E1S2, and all of the other season 2 episodes be available to iOS devices at the same time as PC/console? And again, I apologize if there is already a thread asking this same question, but like I said, I am new to this forum:o

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